Fed-Ex Driver Shot by Package Thief Returns Fire, Kills Robber

Philadelphia, PA — This is a rough time of year for delivery drivers.  The deadlines around Christmas, along with increased loads and cold temperatures make it a hard job.

But for one Philadelphia Fed-Ex driver, things took a turn for the worse on Tuesday night in the Lawndale neighborhood.  The 32-year-old Fed-Ex driver was making a delivery around 7:00 pm in the 600 block of Unruh Ave.

The driver reported that he had just delivered a granddaughter’s gift to a house when he turned to face two armed suspects.  One already had a gun out and pointed at him.

The two robbers didn’t wait. One of them immediately shot the driver, hitting him in the stomach.  But the driver wasn’t going to go down easily.  He had a weapon of his own, and quickly returned fire.

Police report that the driver hit one of the suspects several times in the chest and back.  The two thugs realized this wasn’t going to be an easy score and immediately ran back to their car to flee.

The wounded thug, 27-year-old Jevan Lundy, was found badly injured.  His friend abandoned him in the 1400 block of Creston Street.   The getaway car was found not far away.

Jevan Lundy was taken via ambulance to the Albert Einstein Medical center.  He died shortly before 8:30 pm.   Meanwhile, the Fex-Ex driver is listed in stable, though still critical, condition.

There is no word from Fed-Ex on whether they allow their drivers to carry guns or not.  In a statement, they said they would not be disclosing their internal policies for the safety of all other drivers.

Police reported that the driver legally owned the gun he used and was licensed to carry it. Because of that, he likely won’t face charges for this case of self-defense.  The only thing he has to worry about now it whether or not he’ll keep his job.

Better Prepared is Better Than Dead

This guy is alive today because he planned ahead.  He didn’t fool himself that Philadelphia’s strict gun control laws would save him from people with bad intentions.  Laws can never do that because people intent on killing other people will break laws all day long.

Carry every day and thank the next delivery driver that drops a package at your house.  You know they’re hustling, but now they’re also thinking, “What if that happens to me?”