Dad Wrestles Gun from Home Invader, Holds Suspect at Gunpoint Until Cops Arrive

Smyrna, GA—Another day, another home invasion with a gun that didn’t turn out how the thug hoped.

Smyrna Police reported that one Antoine Brooks-Webb broke into an apartment in the Wyndcliff Galleria Apartment complex off Cobb Parkway on November 23rd.

Antoine, armed with a gun, burst in the door with the gun drawn.  Inside was a family, including a young child.

Antoine demanded money and then grabbed the child and said he would shoot him unless the couple gave him what he wanted.   The father, not willing to bet his child’s life that a lunatic with a gun would keep his word, lunged at the intruder.

The father wrestled with Antoine and was able to grab the gun out of his hands.

“He was able to wrestle a weapon away from him and use it against his attacker,” Smyrna police spokesman Sgt. Louis Defense told local reporters.

The father then held Antoine at gunpoint while his wife called the police.

During the fight, the gun went off several times inside the apartment.  Thankfully, none of the family was hit, and the stray bullets didn’t harm anybody in nearby apartments, either.

Oh so tragically, Antoine Brooks-Webb was injured in the shooting, and was taken to the hospital to be treated.  The Smyrna Police department issued an arrest warrant and he’ll be arrested and charged upon his release.

The investigation is ongoing, and police say there was an accomplice who drove Antoine Brooks-Webb.  Police have no released a description of the second suspect.

Learn From Others Experiences

And there you have it, folks.  Always carry your gun, even at home.  You don’t want to find yourself facing the barrel of a gun with your child between you and the madman.   This Dad did what a Dad should do: risked his life for his son.  On the other hand, it might have turned out really really badly for him and his family.   Far better that he had been carrying and didn’t have to make that choice at all.