Couple Finds Loaded Semi-Auto Rifle in Baby Bouncer They Bought Second Hand

Valparaiso, FL — Some people have all the luck!

A Florida couple made the news yesterday after they purchased what they thought was a Baby Einstein bouncer at a second-hand store.  When they opened the box that looked like it had never been open, they were shocked to find a loaded Mossberg 715T semi-automatic rifle.

Veronica Alvarez-Rodriguez posted on Facebook about the incident on Sunday afternoon.  She said that the couple had purchased the bouncer for $9.99 at Goodwill and intended it as a baby gift for a friend.  In fact, the mistake wasn’t discovered until the gift was opened at the baby shower.   The new father-to-be, Jonathan Rosas, opened the box and assumed that the gift was the rifle.  He shouted out, “You got me a gun!”

But Veronica and Fabian Alvarez-Rodriguez didn’t laugh like everybody else—they were surprised.

Veronica posted this comment on facebook:  “When you go to the Goodwill for a baby shower gift thinking you got a good deal on a bouncer ($10) not even opened and you end up opening a MOSSBERG 715T Semi-Auto Rifle.”

The Best Gift at the Shower

She went on to comment that it was ‘Hella funny and creepy at the same time.  They were all busting up thinking we pranked them and me and Fabian were like holy s**t that is not supposed to be in there.”

The couple wasn’t sure what to do, so they called the local police department to come out and make sure the gun wasn’t used in some sort of crime.

They also didn’t want to get in trouble for accidentally giving it away.

The Crestview Police Department came out and verified that the Alvarez-Rodriguez couple were not felons.  They also ran a background check on Jonathan Rosas, the father to be.   Initially, when the serial number came back clean, police allowed the couples to keep the gun.  Alvarez-Rodriguez said in her Facebook post, “The gun now belongs to Baby Jonathan who is due to enter this world any day now.’

Unfortunately for the Rosas, the police returned on Monday, December 2nd and took the gun into their possession. They will hold it for 90 days.

Poor Homeless Rifle

There’s no information on how the gun got into the box or who dropped it off at Goodwill.  We’re thinking that somewhere there could be a very angry husband whose wife didn’t realize her de-cluttering cost them a pretty penny.   Another theory is an angry wife who decided to get back at her husband for something by giving away his guns.

Either way, nothing awesome like that ever happened at any baby shower we ever were forced to go to!  It was mostly miserable, in fact.  Getting a new Mossberg would have REALLY made our day!