Commiefornia: Thousands of Legal Ammo Sales Blocked While Anti-Gun Crowd Cheers

California’s anti-gun crowd is thrilled with the results of their latest scheme to keep gun owners from exercising their right to defend themselves.

The latest effort to impact gun owners was the implementation of Proposition 63, which regulates the sale of ammunition in the state.

Since Proposition 63 requires a background check to even purchase ammunition.

It’s an outrage that gun owners there have to put up with that sort of bull, but that’s not the point.

The point is that you’d think that if somebody is trying to purchase ammunition, that should be a smooth process.

After all, if they’re buying ammunition, they clearly have a gun and thus have already passed a background check.

So while it’s a major infringement on their rights, it should be a five minute delay.


Working Terribly, Even by Government Standards

As usual, the Democrats gun control efforts cast a far wider net and are far less efficient than they let on.  In the last six months, more than 60,000 ammunition purchases were denied by the background check system.

Were they all crazed violent lunatics?  After all, those folks are the first ones to get in line and turn over their driver’s license and paperwork.  They’re big fans of letting the government in on their plans, you know.

No, it wasn’t mass-shooter-wannabes.  Instead, 99% of all of the rejected ammunition purchases were false positives. That is, their name was misspelled, the database had an old address,

That number represents nearly 1 in 5 attempted ammunition purchases.

So twenty percent of gun owners in California who are legally allowed to own and purchase ammunition are being denied by a broken system.

Working Terribly, As Designed

We weren’t born yesterday.  It’s no accident that the system is THIS broken.

This is an obvious attempt to make it as difficult as possible for gun owners to exercise their rights. This makes the paperwork and fees and headache almost insurmountable for law-abiding Californians.

And while innocent, law-abiding citizens are left defenseless in an increasingly violent society, the left cheers.  In fact, Governor Newsom recently said that other states should imitate California.  He said, “I’d like to see them [other states] model California’s background check on ammunition purchases.”

Really?   You’d like to see law-abiding citizens denied their rights in 99% of cases?

He’s not alone.  An attorney with the Gifford’s Law Center said that Proposition 63 was, “Working as intended.”  Yeah, we figured.

A Tyrant By Any Other Name

You’re a tyrant, Newsom.  You’re elected by a population of people who want the government to solve all their problems.  But for gun owners, you ARE the problem.

And that’s why gun owners are fleeing your state in record numbers.  Good luck making the state budget without productive, law-abiding taxpaying gun owners.  We’re enjoying watching your state turn into a lawless, bankrupt, third-world nightmare.