Clerk Robbed at Gunpoint in Cell Phone Store in Commiefornia, Put on Hold by 911

Oakland, CA — A brazen thug with a gun is terrorizing cell phone stores in Oakland.

Owners say the same man is to blame in a spree of armed robberies in the last week.

During a robbery at one store, the man pointed a gun at an employee’s face while another one ran to the back room to dial 911 out of sight.

Instead of being helped, the employee listened to hold music for 3-5 minutes.

The robberies are happening at Metro by T-Mobile stores—formerly called Metro CPS.

Two happened in the same week between December 1st and December 2nd.  Since the cops are nowhere to be found, the guy is getting more and more bold about it.

Witnesses say that he doesn’t wear a mask or gloves.

He just walks into the store and starts screaming “at the top of his lungs” for everybody to get on the ground while pointing his gun at people randomly.

The store owner commented, “You can tell he’s used to doing this, he’s used to getting away with this and he knows how the system works.”

The man matches the description and appearance of a man who initially robbed a Metro by T-Mobile store back in October.  The surveillance video of the October event seems to show the same man.

Police Are Only A Phone Call…Delay?

Another store owner, Ian Taha, who owns a store on 38th and International in Oakland, footage show the man aggressively pointing his gun in one clerk’s face after another, demanding cash.

“The gun was no joke, the gun had a magazine that looked like it was a extension,” Taha said. “It didn’t seem legal either. [The gunman said] ‘everybody get down on the ground, everybody get down on the ground.’ And just screaming at the top of his lungs ”

Terrified, an employee crawled to the back room to dial 911.  Meanwhile, a male customer put his young son under his body and shielded him from the gunman.  Thankfully, once the thief had what he wanted, he left without firing a shot.

Owner Taha said that as soon as the man came into the store, an employee pushed the emergency button alerting police.  But they didn’t come until much later, and the employee who crawled to the back room was still listening to hold music when the robber left.

Taha finds this outrageous.  “We think somebody would be on the line to comfort, tell you ‘everything’s going to be okay, officers on the way.’ No, it just played some music for 3, 4, 5 minutes,” Taha said. “I hope they see this, I hope they catch this guy.”

Obviously, the thug has been emboldened by his successful robberies.  He feels invincible from a string of robberies with no opposition.  It’s only a matter of time until he thinks he can hurt people and get away with that, too.

Meanwhile, the Oakland Police is still investigating, and have no released any information about leads or suspects at this time.

California Dreaming…

Oh California.  It’s so easy to mock to progressive liberals who have turned it into a dangerous hellhole.  But then you think about the innocent people stuck there for financial or other legitimate reasons.  No gun rights, no sense of safety and security.  No ability to protect themselves from lunatics like this guy.  Think of what was going through that dad’s mind while he covered his son with his own body and waited to feel a bullet hit him.

Nobody should ever feel that helpless.  Guns save lives.  And when the last moron legislator in California disarms the last law-abiding citizen, then the entire state can sink into the violent anarchy or tyranny that always follows gun control.