BREAKING: Missouri Rep Files Bill That Nullifies Federal Gun Control For 2020 Legislative Session

Jefferson City, MO — Fantastic news out of Missouri today!

Republican House Representative Jered Taylor has sponsored and filed a bill that would be a groundbreaking step forward to Missouri gun owners.

Taylor’s bill, H.B. 1637, is titled the Second Amendment Preservation Act.  The purpose of the bill is to roll back gun control in Missouri and would make any new federal gun control in Missouri null and void.

The bill further would make it a crime for law enforcement or government agents of any kind to enforce any future gun control in the state.

This bill would essentially make the entire state of Missouri into a Second Amendment Sanctuary!

Be sure not to confuse this bill with similar efforts in Missouri from several years ago.  This isn’t an old recycled story or bill. This is current as of the 2020 session.

Take Them To The Cleaners!

We’ve often talked about the issue of ‘where are the teeth ‘to these Second Amendment Sanctuaries.  How can these bills be made binding or effective in what they’re trying to accomplish?   As we’ve said before, it nearly always comes down to two things:  funding and punishment.   Cutting off funding for government agencies who try to enforce gun control is one ‘bite’ that localities can take.  The other ‘bite’ is whether or not there are any legal punishments for enforcing gun control.

This bill has both, but it goes further!  Any citizen whose gun rights are infringed can sue for damages! So if some St. Louis cop is enforcing gun control in that city…well, under this bill, the person whose gun rights were violated can sue the officer and the City of St. Louis in civil court!

YES!  They can sue for punitive damages in civil court if their gun rights are trampled!

This is a huge slap in the face for the gun control crowd in Jefferson City!

Burlison is Back!

The bill already has a Senate Component with a sponsor in Eric Burlison.  Burlison is a familiar name in this fight since it was his bill several years ago that sought to make the state of Missouri into a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

Many gun owners in Missouri will remember that Burlison was the sponsor for what became Missouri’s Stand Your Ground and Constitutional Carry law in 2016.  After he had served the maximum number of terms in the Missouri House, Burlison was out of office for two years.  But Missouri gun owners needed a Second Amendment lion like Burlison fighting for them on the inside.  In November of 2018, they elected him again, this time as a Senator.

So with the veteran Burlison in the Senate and now with Taylor working from inside the House, Missouri has two rock-solid allies who will push for gun rights come hell or high water.

Taylor, who represents Christian County (District 139) has filed another bill, HB 1638.  This bill that would repeal Gun Free Zones in Missouri.  We’ll keep you updated on both bills moving forward.

Praise Where Praise is Due

In the meantime, if you live in Missouri, help these guys out and give them a call or email to thank them for what they’re doing.  If you don’t live in Missouri (we don’t, either) then go ahead and feel sorry for yourself for not getting to have representatives like this!

The Second Amendment is going to be a front and center topic of every election campaign, every legislative session, every political deal made behind closed doors going forward.  Gun owners are awake and raring to fight!