BREAKING: Bloomberg Pledges $5 Million to Stacey Abrams’ “Non Profit”

Atlanta, Georgia — In his attempt to buy the Democrat nomination for President, billionaire former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is throwing around his millions trying to buy votes and influence.

The fake news New York Times reports today that Bloomberg is about to splash out $5 million to Socialist Stacey Abrams so-called “non profit”, Fair Fight:

“The Stockton mayor said he had urged Mr. Bloomberg to support voter-registration and voting-rights groups, including Fair Fight, the national organization led by Stacey Abrams.

Ms. Abrams’s aides were also appealing to Mr. Bloomberg: He has committed to donating $5 million to Fair Fight, according to an Abrams adviser.”

Socialist Stacey claims to fight for the poor and downtrodden, but her shake down techniques would send a shiver up and down Jesse Jackson’s spine, as she’s been successful at squeezing tens of millions of dollars out of left-wing billionaires from Bloomberg to Soros, from New York City to San Francisco.

While this publication doesn’t think Bloomberg stands a chance, his dollars are powerful.

Those millions are being used to train, pay, and put on the battlefield left-wing communists who want to do one thing: take your Second Amendment rights away.