Bread Delivery Man Has “Short Gun Battle” with Armed Robber at Hardee’s

Ellenwood, GA — Another day, another bread delivery.

That’s what one Georgia man thought his Saturday morning would look like.

But Joseph Chilton was in for a surprise when he pulled up to the Hardee’s on Anvil Block Road and got out of his truck to make his regular delivery around 6:30am.

The back door of the restaurant was open, and staff were running out the back door.

He could hear a woman screaming for help inside.  The staff were saying something about a man inside with a gun.

Chilton doesn’t think of himself as a hero, but he did what only a hero would do:  went to his truck and got his own gun.

The Clayton County Sheriff’s Office reported that he then made his way inside the restaurant.

Once inside, he saw a thug, Damario Parrish, behind the counter and holding a gun.

Chilton wasn’t afraid.  He shot at Parrish, and Parrish shot back.

The two danced around the front of the Hardee’s, taking shots at each other. The Sheriff described it as a “short gun battle.”

Chilton wasn’t hit, but he struck Parrish two times.

Parrish ran from the scene, and police arrived just moments later.

Parrish was located holed up in a house in Conley, GA on Saturday afternoon and refused to come out.

The Sheriff called the SWAT team, since Parrish claimed there were children inside.  But thankfully for Parrish, he surrendered before the SWAT team could arrive.

He was taken to a hospital to be treated before he can be charged.

No Other Injuries

Meanwhile, back at Hardee’s, everybody was shaken up but alive and unharmed thanks to Joseph Chilton.   Sheriff Victor Hill was impressed at the courage Chilton displayed, and for “defending those who could not defend themselves.”   Hill made Chilton an honorary deputy and inducted him into the Sheriff’s Posse Hall of Fame.

Hardee’s should give Chilton free breakfast for life after that delivery!