Atlanta: Gas Station Shooting That Left One Dead Was ‘Justified.’

DeKalb County, GA — The armed citizen who shot a man outside a gas station near Atlanta will not face charges according to police.

The report released on Monday, December

A weekend shooting that left a man dead outside a DeKalb County gas station was justified and the gunman will not face charges, police have said.

According to an incident report obtained Monday, Dec. 16th, the police were called to a Texaco on Gresham Road.  When they arrived just before 7:00 pm they found a 22-year-old man shot in the head.  Medical personnel pronounced him dead at the scene.

When officers were assessing the scene, a man walked up to an officer and reportedly said, “I ‘m the one who shot him.”

He then put his hands up in the air without being told.  He told the officers that the gun was in his pocket but that he wanted them to take it out of his pocket.   An officer retrieved a pistol from the front right pocket of the man’s clothing.

The armed citizen recounted what happened.  He said that he was getting gas in his purple Dodge charger when a car pulled up beside him.  Inside of the car, a black Toyota Camry, were three men.  They all got out of their car at once.

As the three walked inside, the man driving the purple charger hollered out.  He told the three men walking in that he was selling some cologne if they were interested.

The man who later was shot walked over to the Dodge Charger to look at the cologne. His two friends also turned back from walking into the convenience store and headed towards the Charger.

It was then that the man selling cologne noticed a gun tucked into the other man’s pants.  He reported that the man was acting strangely. He said that the man from the Camry “appeared to be very nervous while talking to” him.  Unnerved by the nervous man and his friends who were carrying guns, he reached into his own car and pulled his own gun to a position that was more reachable if he needed it.

The man wearing a gun in his waistband suddenly reached inside the purple Charger and grabbed the man’s gun off the seat.

There was a struggle for the gun, and the gun went off.

The aggressor was shot once in the head.

After that, one of the passengers from the Toyota Camry pulled out his own gun and shot at the man with the Charger.   He returned fire, but it’s unknown if he hit anybody.  The Camry took off and got onto the interstate and was gone.

Meanwhile, the armed citizen walked into the Texaco and called the police.   After an investigation and a review of the gas station footage, the shooter was released.

He had, indeed, only shot in self-defense.

The dead man was later identified, but the man in the purple Charger is not being identified at this time.  Police have said that they won’t release his name because the passengers in the Camry have not been located and “and we do not want to jeopardize his safety,” according to Sergeant J.D. Spencer.

If you ask us, it sounds like the man in the purple charger might have interrupted a crime in the making.  Three guys, all armed, pull up to a gas station and jump out of their car and are rushing in the door.  They get interrupted by an innocent bystander, and he sees their guns and that they’re acting very suspiciously and on edge.

I don’t know about you, but I would stay far away from gas stations like that one.  Carry your gun every day, and ideally, carry it on your person, not just in your car.