UVA Cancels Veterans Day 21-Gun Salute, Says It’s ‘Disruptive’

Members of the United States Marine Corps. fire a volley during a 21-gun salute at the conclusion of the Memorial Service for Vallejo Police Officer, James Capoot.

College campuses are already safe spaces for the radical left, but the University of Virginia took the absurdity to a new level on Veteran’s Day.

The 21-Gun Salute was a tradition at UVA and has been practiced throughout the years.

In a social media post, the UVA President Jim Ryan criticized the 21-gun salute as being disruptive to campus and ongoing classes.

Ryan is more concerned with the liberal indoctrination of our youth than taking a minute to respect our veterans through glorious tradition.

Now the disruptions are minimized, along with the amount of respect UVA shows to our Veterans.

The University President also cited “concerns related to firing weapons on the grounds” of the campus

UVA wants to make sure we don’t trigger liberal college students with the sound of a 21-gun salute.

Millions of Veterans in this great nation were not triggered by the sounds of blazing guns on the battlefield!

Universities across this nation are degrading their policies in favor of the left, and the blatant disrespect on Veterans Day by UVA is a prime example.