Two Texas Counties — Populations Totaling 2.25 Million — Declare Themselves 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries

Colin County, TX — Yesterday, November 25th, 2019, Colin County, TX commissioners voted to declare their county a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

The vote was 5-0 in favor.

This comes as great news for this author who lives in Plano, TX, a city of nearly 290,000 people located in Colin County.

One of the commissioners, Colin County Judge Chris Hill was one of the five votes in favor of the declaration.

He said that he and other commissioners had received many calls and emails from local voters asking them to do something to protect their rights from anti-gun radicals like Beto O’Rourke.

Referring to O’Rourke’s inflammatory comments, Hill said:

“Those who agree with him, I would say they’re being divisive,” said Judge Hill. “Those who don’t agree with him like myself, we would say this is just a natural way to affirm our Constitutional rights.”

Hitting the Big Leagues

The Second Amendment Sanctuary movement in Texas and other states is often dismissed because it doesn’t penetrate into higher population areas of the state.

In many places, it’s a way for smaller, rural counties with lower population to stand up to their more liberal urban areas.

That’s why it’s great news when you see a large urban area affirming the gun rights of the citizens.

Previous counties in Texas that have declared themselves sanctuaries for gun rights include:

Edwards County: population 2,000

Hood County:  population 56,000

Parker County:  population 129,000

Wood County:  population 47,000

Ellis County:  population 168,000

Travis County: population 1.25 million.

Colin County:  population 1.1 million

The Big Boys Are Coming to the Table

Instead of this being easily dismissed as a “largely rural” or Republican movement, it’s clear now that the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement is growing by leaps and bounds.

It is a non-violent, legal way for underrepresented areas to make their voices heard in states that may be moving leftward due to a more liberal capital city.

But Colin County, in the DFW metroplex, and Travis County, just Southwest of Austin, are both as urban as they come.

Highly diverse, almost no rural or agricultural land left, and with high population of non-native born Texans, they’re exactly the kind of counties liberals can usually depend on to be anti-gun at election time.

These county commissioners deserve a round of applause for standing up for not only the traditional Texas values that make it such a great state, but for the gun rights of the citizens.

Many residents living in Colin County and Travis County would prefer they did nothing and let Beto and his ilk destroy citizen’s gun rights.

But these folks took a stand, and we’re proud of them for doing it.