Two More Texas Counties Declare Themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries

Texas added several counties to their list of Second Amendment Sanctuaries in the last few weeks.  On Monday, October 28th, Parker County, Texas county commissioners unanimously voted to add their name to the list.

George Conley, a Parker County Commissioner, proposed the resolution.

He said, ““I put this item on the agenda about this resolution because I feel that some of these socialist gun-takers that are getting elected or trying to be elected are trying to take some of our guns now and more later.   They have already warned us that this is what they’ve planned on doing… It seems to me that it’s OK to have sanctuary cities, but it’s not OK to have a sanctuary county, so that’s why I put this on here to see if we want to step out there and do that.”

The resolution passed unanimously, and included wording stating that the Commissioners would support the County Sheriff in refusing to enforce Federal gun laws.

“Honestly, I find it sad that we have to come up here and vote to protect our second amendment. This is the essence of America and it’s absolutely the essence of Texas — the right to protect and bear arms,” Parker County Republican Party Chair Scott Utley said. “This is how we protect ourselves.  This is how we protect our families, and this is how we protect our communities, and for anyone to think that they can infringe upon that is greatly mistaken. It’s not true Texas values, it’s not American values and I support that we need to affirm the second amendment in Parker County.”

In Good Company

Meanwhile, Hood County, Texas also passed a resolution on October 8th, 2019.

The Commissioner Court of Hood County made a statement that they were supporting their sheriff if he felt led to nullify gun confiscation laws.

Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds went on to say, “I’m not going to stand by as a sheriff for this county and they are not going to stand by as the commissioners’ court of this county and let Second Amendment rights be violated,” Deeds said. “This is all about the right to keep and bear arms.”

God Bless Texas!

She sent Beto packing last fall and now she’s made it clear to gun-hating leftists that her citizens’ gun rights are off the table.