Socialist Stacey: “I’m Pretty Good at Campaigning”, “Happy” to be Vice President

Iowa City, Iowa — Leftist excitement around Stacey Abrams’ potential run for the Vice Presidency continues to grow.

“News” sources like the Washington Post cannot stop tooting Stacey Abram’s Socialist horn.

Earlier this month in Iowa, Socialist Stacey expressed her desire to run for Vice President.

When asked if she would serve as Vice President, Stacey replied “I’m happy to do so”.

When speaking about her accomplishments of the past, Stacey said “I’m pretty good at campaigning”.

So good at campaigning that she lost to Brian Kemp in the 2018 Georgia Gubernatorial race!

Stacey Abrams is so good at campaigning that she will probably be campaigning forever, never to hold office again.

Americans do not want to see this blatant socialist and America hater in office, whether that be Governor of Georgia or the Vice President of the United States.