Smith & Wesson to Split from American Outdoor Brands Due To “Political Climate”

On Wednesday, American Outdoor Brands, the parent company of Smith and Wesson announced that they will separate their two companies.

Smith and Wesson firearms will no longer be affiliated with American Outdoor Brand’s outdoor products and accessories.

Just in 2016 they announced the public relations move of renaming their company from “Smith and Wesson” to American Outdoor Brands.

But apparently changing their name wasn’t enough to appease the political correctness gods.

The coming split will be finalized by the end of 2020.

After that time, the two companies will be two separate publicly traded companies.

A Corporate Decision

In the announcement, the company chairman, Barry M. Monheit, pointed to the unfriendly political climate as part of the decision to make the split.

Monheit said,

“There have been significant changes in the political climate as well as the economic, investing, and insurance markets since we embarked upon what we believe have been our very successful diversification efforts.  We believe that separating into two independent public companies will allow each company to better align its strategic objectives with its capital allocation priorities.”

When they changed their name back in 2016, their then-CEO James Debney said,

“We believe the name ‘American Outdoor Brands Corporation’ will better reflect our family of brands, our broad range of product offerings, and our plan to continue building upon our portfolio of strong American brands.”

But the relentless push leftward in takes no prisoners, and Smith and Wesson couldn’t withstand the pressure.

This comes after nearly 150 corporate CEO’s signed a letter to the Senate demanding they pass more strict gun control.

When Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart both either became traitorous or caved to pressure, the corporate world smelled blood in the water.

And as each company falls to the anti-gun pressure, they take their gathering momentum and turn it on the next target.

This is an Uphill Battle

The left owns the media and they control America’s school system from top to bottom.

This means that they’re able to exert enormous influence on what the younger generation believes on any given topic.

They have radicalized many of the youth until they hate guns without ever having seen or touched one in real life.

We need to get aggressive in recognizing and stopping the threat to our gun rights.

No more ‘gentlemen politicians’ who won’t get their hands dirty on our behalf.

We’re going to lose our rights in a matter of a decade or less if we don’t stand up to these people now!