Radical Gun Grabber Exposed in Special Idaho Election

When you think of places where gun control advocates have a good chance of winning, Idaho isn’t among them. New York or California, sure.

But as more Californians migrate to Idaho, they’re changing the political landscape.  When they relocate in large numbers, they give political cover to politicians who have wanted to head left but were prevented by conservative voters.

That’s the story of a unique race in Caldwell, Idaho.

Caldwell, Idaho is a fairly conservative town–most legislative races end with the Republican candidates garnering over 60% of the vote.

So how is it that a gun grabber has a chance to win there?

Who Let the Leftist In The Door?

Two factors appear gave Evangeline Beechler a chance at victory in a very pro-gun town.

First, the election is a runoff.

This runoff happened because the initial race consisted of three candidates.

Former Republican State Senator John McGee came in first place with 39% of the vote. Beechler came in 2nd place with 30% of the vote.

The incumbent in the race, Chuck Stadick, also got 30% of the vote but just a few votes short of Beechler.

Seems like McGee should be the winner, right?  Except for one thing:  Idaho law requires a candidate to get 50% of the vote plus at least one additional voter. This led to a runoff between McGee and Beechler.

Second, Beechler appears to be benefiting from an Idaho law that prohibits city candidates from disclosing their party affiliation.

Had disclosure been required, you wouldn’t be reading this because her campaign would be over.

You see, Beechler is the Idaho Democrat Party Chair.

When she ran for State Senate last year in District 10, she refused to answer the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance survey to explain her stance on gun rights.

She doesn’t want to fill out the survey because she doesn’t want gun owners to know her positions.  Why?

Because she’d get stomped on by gun owners at the ballot box.   She knows she would because she was crushed in her State Senate race with only 39% of the vote.

Twitter Truth Comes Out

As the runoff race heated up in the last week or two, her Twitter account revealed a fangirl’s deep infatuation with every major gun grabber in the country.

Barack Obama, Hillary, Clinton, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders.   The cream of the crop–if you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel.

She praised them and their radical policies on Twitter. Unsurprisingly, she quickly locked her Twitter account when news leaked out.  She doesn’t want her radical thoughts about Idaho’s conservative values to be known–at least before the election!

In summary, this snake-in-the-grass got a second chance at the election thanks to a majority rule in Idaho’s code, and was able to fly under conservative radar thanks to not having to disclose her party affiliation.  Clever girl.

But gun owners in Idaho are onto her leftist game.  They’ve mobilized to expose Evangeline Beechler for who she really is.

Just another gun grabbing socialist trying to hide her real beliefs on gun rights until after the election.

Caldwell’s runoff election takes place on December 3rd at the Canyon County Elections Office. Early voting is available at the same location until November 29th.