Pocahontas: I Will Ban These “Deadly” Suppressors To Save Lives

Washington, D.C. — It’s easy to laugh at the radical left, because they basically make themselves into a joke.

However, let’s not forget that a huge portion of the country votes for and believes what these people say.

That’s why it’s worth pointing out the absurdity of candidate Elizabeth Warren’s campaign website, where she promises to take executive action on ‘gun violence.’

Warren intends to focus on the regulation of gun accessories.

Not content with taking bump stocks, Pocahontas is now after suppressors; Even with the knowledge that suppressors are almost never utilized in violent crime.

Read her words, here:

Prohibiting accessories that make weapons more deadly. Gun manufacturers sell increasingly deadly gun accessories, including silencers, trigger cranks, and other mechanisms that increase the rate of fire or make semi-automatic weapons fully automatic. Congress should ban these dangerous accessories entirely.

Warren doesn’t say specifically how many lives she would save by banning suppressors, and it’s obvious why.

Suppressors have only been used in one mass shooting in American history, on May 31st, 2019.  This was the date of the Virginia Beach municipal building shooting.

Let’s Not Get Into The Details

Of course, she won’t mention that specific shooting or the victims.


Because gun owners will be quick to tell her that it wasn’t the suppressor that allowed for so many people to be killed.

No, it was the fact that that official government office building policy was a gun free zone.

In fact, after the shooting, one victim’s husband said that his wife wanted to take her gun along to work that day.

She was worried that the man who later decided to come in shooting was unhinged and dangerous.

Unfortunately she couldn’t take her gun to work that day, because she might have been fired.

Another reason Warren won’t mention that shooting is that even with a suppressor on the gun, witnesses could still hear the shots and ran for cover.

Contrary to movies and leftist imaginations, “suppressors” only—hang on for this—suppress the sound.

They are not actually “silencers” and they do not actually silence guns.

No, they just suppress some of the noise produced.

Warren banks on general ignorance about guns and fear to drive people to vote for her.

Next she’ll go after trigger cranks, even though they haven’t been used in a mass shooting…and the march will go on.

Gun owners know it’s not the accessories they’re after.

It’s about making millions of gun owners into criminals overnight by passing legislation banning most of what they own.

These people hate our way of life, our freedoms, and our ability to defend ourselves—both from thugs or governments.