Ohio Supreme Court to Decide if Gun Owners Can Drink While They’re at Home

Ohio’s Supreme Court is hearing a case that could have national repercussions.

The case in question deals with whether laws prohibiting carrying guns while intoxicated should not only apply in public, but when they’re inside their own homes.

You read that right.

These lunatics leftists will decide if it’s a crime to drink too many beers on your own couch during a football game if you are carrying or have guns in your house within reach.

The case stems from a Clermont County case that began in 2018 after a man was arrested while intoxicated in his own house.

Details about the crime that brought police to his house are unknown, but one of the charges for ‘carrying a gun while intoxicated’ stems from the incident.

The man acknowledged having an unloaded shotgun while drunk.

Clearly, this case should have been dropped, or at least this charge should have.

But the prosecutor and the rest of the legal system are testing the waters.

If it’s illegal to carry while drinking in a bar, why not in your home?

But the Clermont County man’s lawyers are fighting back.

They say that is an unconstitutional reach to take laws that apply in public and make them apply even at home.

We agree with them 100%.

For example, it’s illegal to walk around naked and expose yourself, but these people’s line of thinking would be illegal to walk around your own home naked.

It is illegal to serve food in public without a license.

Will it be illegal to serve food at your house for the Super Bowl without a license?

Of course, anti-gun activists say this is about safety.

But we all know it’s not.  It’s about chipping away at gun owner’s rights.

Instead of a full out confiscation like New Zealand is dealing with, they’re just going to make more and more categories to disqualify people from gun ownership.

Ever gone to see a counselor or therapist?

You have mental health problems and can’t own a gun.  Drunk in your own house?  Can’t own a gun.

Prescribed medical marijuana or even CBD by your doctor for debilitating pain?  No guns.  Yelled at your girlfriend when you were a hot-headed teenager?

You’re a domestic abuser and can’t own a gun.  Diagnosed with PTSD after serving in the military?  You’re not mentally stable.

You can’t have a gun on US soil–just over in the sandbox.

See how it works?

The court has scheduled oral arguments for Feb. 25, 2020.

Meanwhile, legal experts say a decision could take months.