Man Shot, Killed by Armed Burglars After He Went to Help His Wife Being Robbing

Cloverleaf, TX — Police in a Houston suburb have reported a man was murdered outside a game room that he and his wife owned and operated.

The police report said it was around 10pm on Monday night when the events occurred.

The husband and wife duo own a game room in the 700 Block of Barbara Mae.

The Game Room is immediately next door to a convenience store.

The wife stepped outside the door of the game room, ostensibly headed home.  But just outside the door, she met three masked men with guns in their hands.

They demanded her money and wanted her to get more money from inside the building.

Something about the noises outside the game room alerted the husband inside, and he went out to check on his wife.  When he walked outside, he saw his wife being held at gunpoint by the masked men.

He ran towards his wife to help her, but the 54-year-old man was a threat to the robbers.  One of them shot him in the chest, and the three ran off.

The husband, whose identity hasn’t been released yet, was taken to a local hospital. He was later pronounced dead.

Meanwhile, investigators are looking for witnesses and checking out surveillance video.  There are no leads on the masked suspects at this time.

Turning The Tables Could Have Changed Everything

This was a brave man with the right idea: protect my wife from armed thugs.

Imagine how different the scenario would have been if his wife had a gun in her purse and pulled it out at the first sign of danger.

Then, since it was still three to one, imagine if her husband calmly walked out from the game room with his own gun drawn.

Without the element of surprise and with now two armed targets, the odds would have swung dramatically in favor of the husband and wife.

As it is, she’s left to pick of the pieces of their life without him.

Buy a gun.  Take a class.

Make it a regular date night. Carry every day.