Joe Biden: We Protect Geese Better Than School Kids, We Need More Gun Control

Concord, NH — Maybe Sleepy Joe Biden is trying to beat Beto’s record for ‘the greatest number of over-the-top gun control comments in a week.’

That’s the only explanation for following up on his “one hundred clips in a magazine” comments with this doozy.

Biden was at a campaign event in Concord, NH over the weekend when he made comments about goose hunting laws and said that they were stricter than laws protecting school kids.

See Biden’s comments here:

Biden said, “We protect geese more than we protect, no joke you can only have three shotgun shells when you go shooting for geese, we protect geese more than our kids.”

It seems like Biden was trying to say that if we limit the number of rounds somebody can have while out hunting geese, then…. we should limit the number of rounds somebody can have while out hunting children?

Poor Joe.  His words never come out like he means them.

Presumably, Biden meant to say something to the effect of “If we can limit the number of rounds of ammo we’ll sell for goose hunting, we can limit it for everybody.”

But that’s not how it came out, of course.  And even if he had gotten it out right, it’s not a helpful comparison at all.

How could anyone bungle this so badly?

A goose hunter is only allowed to have three rounds in their shotgun at a time but they are allowed to carry extra ammunition with them so they can reload once they’ve shot those three rounds.  Just like a mass shooter could reload if we eliminated magazines that hold more than ten rounds.  Just like a mass shooter could stockpile ammo if we put a monthly cap on purchasing it like Gov. Cuomo has proposed in New York.

Biden also ignores why hunters are only allowed to load three rounds at a time.  Since there are already bag limits in place, it’s not related to conservation of flocks.

It’s because when the pump shotgun came out, manufacturers in the East realized that their companies were in danger.   After all, the pump shotgun would put all the single and double shot manufacturers out of business.  This, in turn, would hurt the manufacturing sector in the Eastern states.

It had nothing to do with saving lives, or caring more about geese than children.  They weren’t saving the whales by reducing environmental impact or anything else the leftists like to think it was.

Go home, Joe.  You’re either really drunk or really dumb, and it’s only going to get worse the more press conferences you hold.   A guy with your problems shouldn’t have a microphone in front of his face very often, much less access to the nuclear launch keys.