Homeowner Shoots, Kills Man Who Came in His Garage to Rob Him

Houston, TX — A robbery suspect is dead after a failed home invasion in Southwest Houston.

Police reported that a man was working in his garage when the robber came inside and pulled two handguns on him.

Things didn’t go how the robber hoped they would.

The homeowner called police around 3:30 pm on Tuesday, November 19th.

He called while still in his garage at 5822 Ludington Dr.  He told them to come quickly, as somebody had been shot.

Erik Rossow with Houston Police Homicide Division reported, “He stated to us … during the 911 call I imagine, that he was inside his garage, listening to music when he was approached.”

The homeowner was minding his own business when the thug came into his garage with two guns out.

“There was a fight that ensued inside the garage area, and the complainant was able to grab the gun from the suspect,” said Rossow.

The tables had turned.

The homeowner had one of the robber’s guns and shot the robber several times.  At least one shot hit the robber in the chest.

The robber was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Hoping to Hear “No Charges” If Story Check Out

Meanwhile, back in the garage, there are shell casings on the floor for two kinds of weapons.

This would collaborate the homeowner’s story, that the robber came in locked and loaded.

Rossow says, “This is two different calibers out there. We don’t know who shot first or anything like that, we are still investigating that.”

Because it’s ‘he said, she said’ and the robber is dead, police are having to investigate all possibilities.

They are checking to see whether the men knew each other.

They are also investigating the ‘getaway car’ that left the robber in the man’s neighborhood.

Police have reported it was a white and black Crown Victoria.

If this is as clear-cut as it looks, this homeowner is lucky to be alive.  We advocate carrying all the time.

But we know that most guys working in their garage with the music turned up aren’t in ‘self-defense mode’ even if they do happen to be carrying.

This homeowner was darn lucky.