Everytown for Gun Safety Turns from School Shootings to Pushing Red Flags

Unsurprisingly, Bloomberg’s hired anti-gun hands aren’t content with addressing school shootings or school violence.

No, they’ve decided to push for federal Red Flag laws.

Everytown took the national spotlight after the March 2018 shooting in Parkland, FL, and they’ve often made school shootings their topic of choice.

But in a recent Reuter’s article, they shifted their focus from schools to the fact that so many ‘mass shootings’ happen inside homes.

The article went on to say, “At the top of Everytown’s wish list is a “red flag” law that would allow family members or law enforcement officers to petition a judge to seize firearms from a person they think is a threat to themselves or others.”

Their Reality Is Whatever They Say It Is

Nevermind that the Broward County Sheriff’s office received more than 20 phone calls warning them about the Parkland killer, Nickolas Cruz.

Nevermind that Florida’s Baker Act would have allowed them to detain the violent young man and even take his guns away, no red flag law necessary.

No, that’s ignored because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

You see, the Baker Act allows for due process, and that isn’t on the Everytown agenda!

They don’t push for authorities to use the mental health laws already on the books, but for draconian new Red Flag laws, instead.

They pretend that there aren’t any alternatives to red flag laws, but there are mental health laws on the books in nearly every state that both empower police or doctors to adjudicate somebody mentally incompetent and thus have their guns taken away.

But without that adjudication, it’s just a free for all with the rights of gun owners.

Everytown is nothing but a sham.

A front for Bloomberg and his America-hating ideas.  Once they use their money to buy enough legislators to pass federal Red Flags, they’ll move on to mandatory buybacks for AR-15s, and then for all handguns and the beat goes on.

They must be stopped and any politicians who bows to them must pay the political price.