Colorado Man Shoots an Intruder Breaking into His House After Warning That He Was Armed

Denver, CO — A Colorado homeowner was threatened by a stranger breaking into his house and shot the intruder multiple times.

The Denver Police Department reported that the shooting happened in the early morning hours on Saturday, November 2nd.

Officers received a call to the 4600 Block of Wyandot street in Sunnyside neighborhood.  When they arrived, they found 25-year-old Aaron Rivers with multiple non-life-threatening gunshot wounds.

The homeowner who called reported that he had heard a disturbance on his front porch around 12:40 in the morning.

He was trying to figure out what was going on when whoever was on the porch started to try to break down the front door.

The homeowner quickly got his handgun and began yelling to Rivers.  He repeatedly warned him that he had a gun.

But Rivers was undeterred and began to throw the porch furniture around.  Then he broke the large plate-glass front window.

No Choice But To Defend Himself

The homeowner continued yelling, threatening that if River’s didn’t stop, he would be shot.

But when Rivers started to climb through the now-broken front window, the homeowner made the decision to defend his life and his home.

He shot at the intruder several times, hitting him in the arm.

Rivers seemed to finally realize that the homeowner was serious in his warnings and stopped advancing.

When police arrived, they took Rivers to the hospital, where he will be arrested upon his release.

Police do not know of a connection between Rivers and the homeowner.

The neighbor across the street, Kathy Parsons, commented that the homeowner and his family were not troublemakers and were nice people.

“I just feel sorry for my neighbors over there, they are a nice couple and they have a little boy. The guy started to try to beat down the front door and he was afraid he had a gun ready for him to come through.”

Police say that an investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, this is just one more story of a homeowner and his family protected by a gun.

You never know when somebody who is mentally ill or incapacitated by substances will pick your house to lose their minds.

Be ready.