WATCH: College Student Stabbed by Burglar, Fights Him Off and Lives

St. Paul, MN — A college student is recovering after a burglar broke into the home he shared with several other students and attacked him with a knife.

The University of St. Thomas student said that he was at the house on Lincoln Ave on Tuesday when he heard a strange noise.  The noise seemed to be coming from the basement, and none of the roommates were down there.

Noah Stowell went to the top of the basement stairs, only to meet the burglar at the top step.

Stowell recounts what happened next, “And, that is when we engaged, and I pinned him against the wall and then he flipped it and pinned me against the wall.”

“Then, he threw a coffee mug at me and, at some point, stabbed me with a kitchen knife, in my arm.”

The burglar realized that this wasn’t going to be an easy score, after all, and decided to cut his losses and run.   Stowell, now wounded, said that when the burglar headed out the back door, a roommate chased him down.   Meanwhile, he called 9-1-1.

“My arm was bleeding bad, but it is okay now and my roommate tried to run the guy down,” said Stowell.

The brave roommate, Robbie Jandik, said that his instincts took over:  he grabbed a knife of his own and ran after the thief.  He was in such a rush to help his friend that he didn’t even notice he’d run outside without any heavy clothing for the cold weather.

“I grabbed a knife of my own, and, in my boxers, I chased him around the back of the house toward the front of the house and then I lost him in the darkness,” said Jandik.

Burglar Still On the Loose

The burglary and stabbing are under investigation.  No suspects have been arrested.   Stowell’s stab wound was treated and he’s recovering at home.

Now, if I was going to break into a house, I wouldn’t choose a house with a bunch of young, fit college guys.  This just goes to show you that criminals aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.  Meanwhile, these Minnesota college students should get their Concealed Weapons permits if they don’t have them.  It’s hard to concealed carry with just boxers on, but they might be willing to consider it after this week.