China: Madman Attacks Kindergarten with Liquid Chemical, 51 Students, 3 Teachers Injured

Kaiyuan City, Yunnan — A 23-year-old man is in custody Monday night after climbing a fence into a school and spraying a classroom full of children and teachers with a caustic chemical.

Fifty-one children and three teachers were injured in the corrosive chemical attack.

The man, Kong, was arrested by police within an hour of the attack.   Xinhau, the state-run news agency, said that Kong said he sprayed the chemical as an “act of revenge on society.”

Two of the student’s injuries were considered serious, though not life-threatening.

The man used sodium hydroxide; a caustic soda used in manufacturing.  Exposure to the substance can burn the skin and eyes, cause a severe allergic reaction, or even melt away hair.

But, China has banned guns for citizens!

This isn’t the first mass attack in China, or even the first mass attack at a school in China.

In October 2018, a woman with a knife slashed 14 children at a kindergarten.

In April 2018, nine students were killed at a middle school by a mentally ill former student.

That man also used a knife.

Finally, in 2017, 11 more students were injured after a man with a knife crawled over a wall at their kindergarten and attacked the students.

News stories like this might get a passing mention in the national news, but they won’t make the global news circuit like the Christchurch shooting in New Zealand.

They won’t dominate America’s media for weeks like most mass shootings.

No, they’ll be buried in the memory hole.

We’re supposed to think that guns are the only reason mass attacks happen, an that if we just get rid of them, no more people will be mentally ill.

No guns, no crime!

At least, that’s what the loony left wants us to believe.

But it’s as plain as day that people don’t become mentally stable just because you take their firearms away.

You can’t eradicate evil with a law.

Evil people and mentally unstable people will just find another weapon.