Bloomberg Announces Presidential Campaign — Decides to Do His Own Dirty Work

Who knows what America-hating leftists dream about at night?

Do they even dream or is it one hellish ‘Utopian’ nightmare after another?

For Michael Bloomberg, he likely plays a montage reel in his mind of all the despicable things he’s financed.

If there’s a national or state group that could be accused of trying to destroy the foundations that made America great, just follow the money and you’ll be at Bloomberg’s front door.

But apparently Bloomberg doesn’t want to sit at the sidelines and watch America squirm.

No, he wants to get in on the action himself.

That’s all we can conclude from his announcement on Sunday, Nov 24th, that he plans to personally run for president.

Bloomberg made it clear on his new campaign page that his entire purpose in running is to defeat President Trump.

And he apparently means business, since he’s spending $34 million dollars in ads and media in the next week, alone.

The Face of the Elitist, Anti-Gun Crowd

Bloomberg is the essence of big money involvement in politics, and his tentacles into gun control are powerful.

He’s the money behind Moms Demand Actions, Everytown for Gun Safety, and brought us such gems as David Hogg.

Personally, he has voiced support for criminalizing private gun sales, passing universal background checks, an “assault weapons” ban, a ban on “high capacity” magazines, dramatically increasing the scope and size of the ‘prohibited purchaser’s list,’ instituting more and broader gun trafficking laws, instituting federal Red Flag Laws, and placing more regulations on gun shows.

Basically, he’s the face of evil to gun owners.

Does he really think he’s going to get a majority of American’s behind him?

No.  But there must have been a moment in a swanky boardroom somewhere where Bloomberg said:

“These lunatics running on the Democratic ticket are the best we can find?

I’m going to run myself if these morons can’t keep from throwing away this election with their stupidity!”

Hopefully he’ll drain some serious coin from his bank account before he’s crushed by gun owners at the ballot box.