Barack Obama: “I Love Me Some Stacey Abrams”

With less than a week before the next Democrat Presidential Debate to be held in Atlanta, Stacey Abrams is doing what she does best . . .

Running her mouth across the country, dragging our state through the mud, trashing you, and her latest from yesterday while sitting with Barack Obama: the “electoral college is racist.”

Obama then said: “I love me some Stacey Abrams.”

Just in the last two weeks, she said she would be “happy” be the Democrat VP nominee, and at worst, she is angling to run for Governor here in Georgia again in 2022.

Even before Beto said “hell yeah” we’re coming to take your guns, Stacey Abrams pushed similar legislation here in Georgia.

You’ll remember during the 2018 Governor’s race, Georgia Gun Owners spent $100,000 across the state letting Second Amendment supporters know that in 2016, Socialist Stacey introduced HB 731, a bill that would order the GBI to ban, confiscate, and destroy firearms, ammo, and magazines owned by MILLIONS of Georgians.

Socialist Stacey has bad intentions for the State of Georgia, your Second Amendment rights at the Capitol in Atlanta, and your Second Amendment rights nationally.

That’s why I’m encouraging your right now to support our Fall 2019 Georgia Gun Owners Raffle.

All proceeds from this raffle go directly into our “2020 Gun Rights Battlefund” which we will be unloading from January through March to stop ALL gun control legislation at the Capitol.

We’re raffling off a $2,399 “Honey Badger” in 300 blackout by Live Q Or Die, made right here in America.

So get in on the fight, get your raffle tickets below, and help us stop these anti-gunners in Georgia (Don’t Forget Your T-Shirt Size)

Thanks — in advance — for your support!

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

  • reprinted with the permission of Georgia Gun Owners