Anti-Gun Texas Legislator Caught on Tape Dropping Envelope of Cocaine in Airport

Sometimes the irony is just too much.

A famously anti-gun Texas legislator, Poncho Nevarez, a Democrat from Eagle Pass, has had an arrest warrant issued in Texas this week.

The charges he’s facing include felony drug possession and they stem from an incident in Austin on September 6th, 2019.

The warrant came after he was caught on Austin-Bergstrom airport surveillance footage dropping an envelope containing cocaine.

The envelope contained four small baggies of cocaine, totaling more than 2 grams.

Typically, when somebody drops paper trash in the airport, it’s swept up and thrown away.

But this envelope had Nevarez’s official Texas Representative Letterhead on the corner.

And further, it was dropped just outside the entrance of a part of the airport reserved for traveling government officials.

The employee came upon the official looking envelope in an ‘official only’ area of the airport and turned it in to his superior.

Something’s Rotten in Austin

Upon inspection, the envelope and the powdery white substance were sent for testing.

Meanwhile, airport footage showed Nevaraz dropping the envelope just as he walked out of the airport and got into his Chief of Staff’s SUV.

Since then, the Travis County Democratic Party and Nevarez have engaged in the typical damage control.

Nevarez is not running for reelection and has stepped down from his role on House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee.

So here we have an elected official who doesn’t follow the law in even the most basic sense.

While Mexican drug cartels are in the national news for their brutality and violence against even women and children, this Texas politician is carrying drugs through a Texas airport.

See, the law is for us to follow, not for them.

Anti-Gun Record and Rhetoric

Back in 2017, after a crazy liberal leftist shot up a church at Sutherland Springs, TX and killed 17 people, this same representative was calling for more ‘common sense gun control.’

He wanted to ban the open carry of long rifles and AR-15s.

As though somebody just randomly walking around carrying an AR-15 was the problem, not the sicko who was already legally prohibited from purchasing an AR-15.

He’s also criticized Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in the past for his ‘inaction’ on passing gun control.  ‘

He said that his suggestions after Sutherland Springs did not offer “anything that amounts to any real solution” to gun violence.

During the spring 2019 legislative session, Nevarez used a copout to explain why he wouldn’t give HB 357 (otherwise known as Constitutional Carry) a hearing.

This was within his power to do so as the Chair of the Homeland Security Committee.

But he passed it off as somebody else’s fault and that he had intended to give it a hearing until circumstances changed his mind.

But his anti-gun record and rhetoric showed that he was taking political cover because he’s an anti-gun coward.

Further, in addition to chairing the Homeland Security Committee, Nevárez is also the Vice Chairman of a brand new select committee that state leaders formed only two months ago in response to the deadly shootings in El Paso and Odessa.

So this guy who openly wants to restrict and ban guns is on a small new committee for helping Texas decide what to do after two mass shootings. Great.

Some People Are Just More Equal Than Others

Nevarez, who thinks he’s above the law, wants to pass more gun laws for the peasants to follow.

This guy, who knows from personal experience that people can and do break laws with relative ease, has tried to make it more and more difficult for law-abiding Texans to purchase, own and carry guns.

This level of corruption is becoming more and more pervasive, and they’re doing less and less to hide it.

The elites of our system want to control every aspect of our lives, while not obeying the laws, themselves.

The media plays along, acting shocked when a civilian does something that a government official has been getting away with for months or years.

Enough. Is. Enough.