Anti-Gun Activist Shoots, Kills Herself And Her Three Children

It’s a tragic story, but it illustrates how out of touch the left is with reality.

Their common argument is that if guns weren’t around, mentally ill people wouldn’t be able to hurt themselves or others.

In fact, that’s what one Texas mother had campaigned about in Texas and online.

But on Friday, Ashley Auzienne, 39, took a gun and shot her three children before killing herself.

The children, Parrish, 11, Eleanor, 9, and Lincoln, 7, all died of their gunshot wounds. Police reported that Ashley struggled with anxiety, depression, and other health disorders.

She had also just finalized a contentious divorce from her children’s father, Murvin Auzienne Jr.

Ashley had been a vocal advocate for passing stricter gun control in Texas and the United States.

Her social media profiles proudly sported several anti-gun memes and hashtags like #Enough and #EndGunViolence.

The bodies were found after a relative called in a welfare check after Ashley had had a very difficult time accepting the outcome of the divorce.

The children’s Grandfather, Murvin Azzienne, Sr. said:

“”They were kids you wanted to have around, they really were. They played well, they talked to the adults. They’re amazing children in all kinds of fantastic ways. The family has all rallied around my son, Murvin. Our focus is only on one thing: helping through this difficult time.”

Hard Truths From A  Horrific Situation

When Ashley’s life got more difficult than she could handle, this mentally unstable person didn’t do what the out-of-touch Left thinks mentally ill people will do if they have no access to guns.

She didn’t check herself into a clinic.

Nor did she didn’t reach out to any mental health resources that we’re aware of.  She didn’t drop her kids off at their dad’s house and go to a therapist.

And the government could never have read her mind to know that her intentions were so horrific.

After all, an anti-gun activist has to be the last person to be considered for a Red Flag protection order.

But now the Left faces the ugly truth:  it wasn’t the gun.  This lady hated guns.  She wanted to disarm other people and take their guns away.  It was her mental health.   If she hadn’t been able to get ahold of a gun, it would have been a bathtub.  A rock.  A hammer.  Driving into a bridge embankment.

This lady’s tragic choices illustrate the naivete of Leftist thinking, “If we take their guns away, they won’t hurt anybody.”  This lady believed that, too.  She advocated taking other people’s guns away, too.  But she found a way to hurt her family, anyway.

Maybe her tragic story will wake up even one activist to see the truth.

Maybe just one will realize that while it’s noble to not want people to hurt other people, hating guns won’t stop the violence.