82-Year-Old Female Bodybuilder Faces Home Invader, Sends Him to to the Floor

Rochester, NY — Willie Murphy has a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

Especially for her body-building habit that gave her the upper hand during a recent home invasion.

Murphy was in her home late Thursday night when a man broke in, apparently intent on robbing her.

She said the man began by pounding on her front door, asking her to call for an ambulance.

Suspicious, Murphy agreed to call the police for him, but didn’t open the door.  ‘

Her suspicion was well-founded: it was a ruse to get her to open the door.

When she wouldn’t open it, the man broke into the front door.

He might have expected to find a frail old lady, but he didn’t realize that Murphy is an award-winning bodybuilder.

When she realized that it was the intruder or her, she got to fighting.

She grabbed an end table and struck the intruder with it. Murphy said, “I took that table and I went to working on him… I’m alone and I’m old, but guess what? I’m tough.”

The table broke on the intruder, but Murphy wasn’t finished.  She grabbed the metal table legs and kept beating the man with them.

After that, she grabbed a nearby broom and struck him repeatedly.  Once he was down on the floor, Murphy jumped on him several times, and eventually grabbed a bottle of baby shampoo and squirted it in his eyes.  The man when down and didn’t get up.

When Seconds Count, Cops Are Minutes Away

The man began struggling to get out the door.

And while Murphy can dead lift 225 lbs, the man was too heavy for her to move.  “He wants to get the heck out of there and I’m trying to help him get out of the house, but I can’t move him,” she said. “He’s dead weight.”

Just as he was coming to enough to carry more of his own weight, the cops she had called on his behalf earlier started to show up.

Little did he know when he faked needing an ambulance that a few minutes later, he’d need one for real!

When police came to the front door, they didn’t find what they were expecting:  “So they come in,” she said. “He’s laying down already because I had really did a number on that man.”

After multiple bodybuilding awards and winning “Lifter of the Year” as recently as 2014 for deadlift, power curl and bench press, Murphy thinks that her knockout was trophy enough.

She has no plans to press charges.  Going viral for being beaten senseless  by an 82-year-old lady is likely punishment enough.

Not everybody is a bodybuilder, and certainly not every older lady.

If you’ve got a Grandma or Aunt who lives alone, make sure they’re armed and ready if a lunatic decided to target them as their next victim.