WATCH: Homeowner With AR-15 Sends Two Thugs Running For Their Lives

Omaha, NE — A man who didn’t give his last name posted incredible footage of a recent home invasion.

The incident happened at 9:52 pm on August 12th, 2019.

The man, identified only as Mark, had friends over to visit at his apartment in Omaha, NE.

They weren’t expecting any more company, so when Mark heard insistent knocking at the front door, he initially ignored it.

But when the knocking grew louder, he went to check out the peep hole.

And it’s a good thing he did, too.

Outside his apartment were two men he didn’t know, and one of them had a mask covering his face.

Thinking quickly, Mark immediately locked his front door and went to get his Ruger 556.  The Ruger is a clone of an AR-15.

The video shows that in less than 23 seconds from walking away from the peephole, he was back with his weapon.

Just as he came back to the door and approached it from the side with the most cover, the door was kicked in.

The two intruders had rear-spear kicked the door open and were charging into his home.

They took one look at the iconic AR-15 and immediately spun around and fled out the door.

They were in his home for less than two seconds.

Mark had his gun in an accessible place, and had a plan.

When asked later why he didn’t shoot the two men, Mark responded that in the split-second he had to decide, he didn’t see any weapons in their hands.

Mark called the police, who only came and took a report.

Nobody from the media cared to come out, and Beto O’Rourke wasn’t on hand to commemorate the occasion.

Nobody is calling him a hero, but then again, thanks to his preparation and his Ruger 556, nobody is planning his funeral, either.

Mark, if we ever meet up, the drinks are on us.

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