WATCH: Beto Says Gun Owners WANT to Turn In “Weapons of War”

Washington, DC — Beto O’Rourke sat down with NPR and some undecided Texan voters to discuss his mandatory gun buy-back plan.

An undercurrent of tyranny was flowing as Beto spoke, which was further represented in his misunderstanding of the Founders’ intentions behind the Second Amendment.

Those questioning Beto initially asked him about gun owners’ willingness to comply with a mandatory buyback program.

Beto fabricated a story about a Republican gun owner approaching him in a store.

Apparently out of gun-grabbing virtue, the gun owner professed to ‘Beta Boy’ that he doesn’t need an AR-15 for self-protection in his own home.

This imaginary gun owner likes to shoot his AR-15 at the range, but would gladly sell it back to Beto (allegedly).

This absurd story would fail a lie detector test with flying colors.

This man is insane and has chosen a path of authoritarian nonsense.

The polls are not looking good, and rumor has that Beto is planning to drop out and join Marco Rubio (R-FL) on his left-wing radical push for Red Flag Gun Confiscation.

Beto believes that the Founders of America in 1776 could not have envisioned the creation of the AR-15.

They must have been really short sighted, because Lewis and Clark brought a repeating rifle (Girandoni air rifle) on their expedition that fired 22 shots in under a minute.

The majority of America and Texas does not support Beto’s radical gun-grabbing proposals (Beto claims they do).

Beto is dragging the Democrat party down with him as he continues to push an anti-American gun confiscation agenda.