WATCH: Armed Thug Robs Seated Barbershop Customer

Williamsburg, Brooklyn – An armed thug rushed into a barbershop and stuck a loaded handgun against a patron’s neck, demanding the customer hand over his wristwatch.

The suspect then proceeds to search the victim, who hands over $350, credit cards and an iPhone.

ABC7 reports that the 30-year-old victim is a regular customer at Milton’s Barbershop, and witnesses expect the robbery transpired because of the nice watch the customer was wearing.

“Most likely, they saw him somewhere else with a special watch. Because the person asked for the watch. Right away, he said, ‘Give me the watch.’ That’s all he asked the customer the whole time, ‘Just give me the watch. Give me the watch,'” said Alex Rodriguez, a barber.

Police on the scene assume that the robbery was triggered by the victim’s car, which is a new and expensive BMW.

What ever the reason may be for the thuggish robbery, it just exemplifies the danger imposed on our lives by criminal activity.

It would have been literally impossible for any police or government faction to intervene in the robbery or even apprehend the suspect after the fact (suspect still at large).

The citizenry within society cannot rely on government to protect them in moments of immediate danger.

It takes great courage to protect yourself, but you are the only one that can do so in split second moments of danger.

New York City traffics in some of the strictest gun control regulations in the nation, and none of their tyrannical laws could stop the criminal intent of this thug.