WATCH: Armed Robbery at Beauty Supply Store Ends When Owner With A Gun Shoots Back

Birmingham, AL — Two suspects are wanted by police after they entered a Birmingham Beauty Supply store and armed it at gunpoint.

The store owner was able to shoot at the two thugs with his own weapon and cause the two men to run off into the night.

Police say that the two masked men entered the store around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at C & C Beauty Supply at 136 Sixth Ave.

They shoved their guns in the face of the store owner.

Another customer was standing near the checkout counter and she was pushed backwards and fell to the ground.

Thinking they were in the clear, the two thugs turned their attention to the cash register.

One of them jumped up on the counter and started to gather cash as fast as he could.

Thankfully, the owner was concealed carrying a weapon of his own.

While the two men were distracted by gathering the money, the store owner shot at them.

The footage shows that the two men clearly weren’t expecting resistance at a beauty supply store.

They were shocked at the resistance, and immediately began scrambling for the door.

While trying to escape, the two thugs did return fire but didn’t hit or injure anybody.

They turned and ran out of the store.   Security footage outside the store shows them taking off in separate directions.

Guess it’s true what they say, that there’s no honor among thieves.

The two thugs didn’t even check to see if the other was injured.

Police are still looking for leads, but with the masks, it will be hard to identify the two suspects.

If they are found, they’ll likely be charged with armed robbery and attempted murder.

We told you earlier this year about a thug who robbed a Family Dollar in Birmingham with nothing but a sword.

You’d think at some point the word would get around Birmingham that thugs aren’t going to have easy picking.  Store owners and employees are getting smart.

They’d rather risk their jobs by carrying without corporate permission, than risk their lives by being unarmed.

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You can be totally innocent in a beauty supply store and not be safe, ladies.

Carry in your purse or on your body.  You and your family may be grateful you did.