Teachers Allowed to Carry in Classrooms in Florida effective October 1

Tallahassee, Florida — Some teachers in Florida are cheering the implementation of a new law that would allow them to concealed carry on school grounds during their work day.

A new state law went into effect on October 1st that would allow willing teachers to carry their personal weapons at work.

Before they are allowed to carry in a school, they must undergo extensive training of more than 140 hours.  They also must pass a more rigorous background check and a psychological exam.

Not every school district is allowing their teachers to carry, however.

Miami Dade and Orlando are continuing to hire police officers to patrol their school hallways.

It will be difficult to track how many teachers are carrying in Florida’s school in the coming months and years.

The law was written to require anonymity, publicly speaking, about who is carrying and what schools they’re in.

That anonymity would prevent a shooter from identifying teachers willing to carry.  It also could make a shooter think twice, since he can’t be sure to meet unarmed resistance.

On January of 2019, the commission investigating the February 2018, Parkland high school shooting came out and made several recommendations for preventing more school shootings in Florida.

The most controversial suggestion was that teachers be armed as a way to prevent the attacks in the future.

And if the presence of guns isn’t deterrent enough, then the teachers may be able to prevent a shooter from shooting as many kids as they would have otherwise.

Florida joins eight other states that currently allow teachers to carry guns on campus.

If the leftist media is right, these guns in Florida’s schools will turn their hallways into a bloodbath.

It will be interesting to see if that materializes in reality.