REVEALED: Hero Military Dog from U.S. Special Forces Unmasked

Washington, DC — A military working dog suffered severe injuries in a special forces operation against the founder of the Islamic State.

President Trump has just declassified the name and photo of the dog . . .

This veteran K-9 pursued the target with immense courage while removing the special forces team from immediate danger.

The dog followed the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi into a tunnel, where the leader proceeded to blow himself up.

The blast radius from al-Baghdadi’s suicide vest reached the K-9 warrior and left the dog wounded.

Belgian Malinois is the choice breed for military units, which is a smaller version of a German Shepherd.

Military dogs often hold a higher rank than their handlers to ensure that they are given proper respect, putting them at the rank of noncommissioned officer.

A battle-injured dog is regarded as a wounded veteran, and in this case a hero.