PHOTOS: Governor Brian Kemp Parties With Anti-Gun Hollywood Elite

Atlanta, Georgia — The opening of the new Tyler Perry Studio at the former site of Fort McPherson in Atlanta, Georgia was a star-studded event over the weekend, attended by numerous members of Hollywood royalty.


Oprah, Colin Kaepernick, Samuel L. Jackson, Whoppi Goldberg, Spike Lee, and many others.

All are major donors to the Democrat Party, supported Socialist Stacey Abrams in the 2018 Georgia Governor’s Race, and all support destroying your Second Amendment rights.

Anti-gun radical Congressman John Lewis was there, Fake News CNN Don Lemon, Madame Pantsuit Hillary Clinton, as well as her husband, Bill Clinton was there as well celebrating their “friends”, major Democrat Party donor, Tyler Perry.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp also attended the event (though he didn’t post pictures on any of his social media accounts).

The question for gun owners in Georgia should be this — why is Hollywood so interested in locating and filming in Georgia?

Well, the answer is simple: Georgia has one of (if not the most generous) film tax credit in the country.

Movies filmed or produced in Georgia with budgets over $500k get a 20% tax credit paid for by Georgia taxpayers.  If those same productions slap a Georgia logo in their credits, they get an additional 10% tax credit.

The Hollywood Tax Welfare Payouts passed into law in 2008 in Georgia have seen hundreds of millions of Georgia tax dollars passed on to Hollywood big wigs.

These Hollywood Tax Welfare Payouts were supported, passed, and signed into law by Republicans.  Brian Kemp campaigned on keeping the Hollywood Tax Welfare Payouts when he is Governor.

But what this means is that Hollywood is sending hundreds of thousands of left-wing, anti-gun socialists to move to Georgia.

Stacey Abrams knows this all too well.  After the so-called “heart beat bill” was signed into law this Spring in Georgia, she urged Hollywood to “stay and fight” in Georgia, not abandon the state and head out of town.

Why would she do that?

Well, Tyler Perry himself was quoted this weekend explaining why:

“What I know about this industry is that there are 94,000-plus or 98,000 people who are in this industry and who are benefiting from it greatly,” he said. “And that’s a lot of votes. I’m in a wait and see moment right now. But that’s a lot of votes. That’s a lot of votes that can determine an election.”

Do you see what he said there?  “A lot of votes than can determine an election.”

That says it all.

Republicans are paying Hollywood left-wing, anti-gun socialists to move to Georgia with your tax dollars and then vote against Republican during election season.

Stacey Abrams is working the phones hard making sure Hollywood stays in Georgia.

Because she knows as long as Republicans keep passing out those taxpayer dollars, Hollywood will keep importing votes for her.

In a nutshell, Republicans are committing long term political suicide with your tax dollars.

And when those Democrats ultimately get the votes, they’ll come down hard on your Second Amendment rights.

By the way, can you name one thing Brian Kemp has done for gun owners since he was elected Governor?