NRA Board Member / New York State Rifle and Pistol Association Head: Ghost Guns Should Be Banned

New York — Sometimes, the line between friend and foe gets a little fuzzy.   But other times, the other party steps into the light and makes it obvious that they’re the enemy.  While painful, that’s always helpful.

That’s what’s going on in New York State right now.

It’s not enough to have a gun-grabbing tyrant like Cuomo as their governor, ramming through gun control at every turn.

Now gun owners are facing a state level gun group advocating for getting rid of ghost guns.

Tom King, the head of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, ha stabbed gun owners in the back.

Here’s the background.

Sen. Anna Kaplan (D-Great Neck) and Assemb. Charles Lavine (D-Glen Cove) are New York state legislators sponsoring a bill banning ‘ghost guns.’

For their press event on the evening of Thursday, October 17th, they gathered all the shrill anti-gun organizations to discuss their plans to end ‘gun violence.’  Moms Demand Action, Together We Will-Long Island, Long Island Activists and Long Islanders for Gun Safety, all the usual loud lefties were there.

But one more voice made the Newsday article posted on Senator Kaplan’s own legislation page on the New York Senate’s website.

Trying not to sound like only leftist radicals were on board, Newsday was looking for a prominent New York gun spokesman who agreed that ghost guns were terrible and should be banned.

Who would sell out and say that ghost guns should go?  Nobody in their right mind, right?!

King gave an interview to Newsday, and he agreed with the anti-gun crowd and said that ghost guns are a “growing problem.”

Here is the text in full so you can tell we’re not making this crap up:

“These ’80 percent’ guns are providing a way for prohibited people to buy a firearm,” Tom King of the NYSRPA said, referring to people who don’t have a gun permit or are otherwise prohibited from possessing a gun.

He said self-assembled guns provide a way for competition shooters to make a custom-fitted firearm. Such weapons should have serial numbers and be registered — and any new legislation should consider such a provision, he said. But it appears increasingly, King said, people trying to evade the law are the ones buying and selling self-assembled weapons.

“It appears what was meant to be something for competitive shooters and serious shooters to build their own unique firearm may be turning into a criminal enterprise,” King said.

This is what gun owners have put up with for so many decades.

Politicians and lobbyists who say, “Well, we’ve got to give them something!”

No, we don’t. We’ve “given them something” for decades.

And now, once we’ve given away half our gun rights and there’s nothing left but scraps to fight over, cowards like Tom King try to tell us that he’s got our back.

Goodbye, Tom King and every other cowardly ‘pro-gun’ legislator or lobbyist who wants our support.

The left is in attack mode, nationwide.  This is no time to be giving in to them, conceding points, or playing their game.  You are no friend to gun owners.

Thankfully, we’ve heard reports that there is a new voice for gun owners springing up in the Empire State–one that doesn’t kiss the butt of lawmakers for a selfie in the Capitol.

We’ll have more to report on that in the coming weeks.