Mexico: Despite Strongest Gun Control, Murder Rate Soars

Mexico has been breaking records this year, and not for their level of tourism or poisoned alcohol related deaths.

Mexico is breaking records for the highest levels of murder in recorded history.

The radical gun grabbing left salivates at the extreme gun control instituted in the country of Mexico.

However, the anti-gunners in America never want to talk about the negative ramifications of disarming the citizenry.

In Mexico, it is virtually impossible to legally own a firearm.

However, according to John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center, Mexico saw 25,890 murders in the first 9 months of 2019.

This astronomical number is 6 times more murders per 100,000 people in America.

There is only one gun store in Mexico, and it is ran by the military with .22 caliber being the most power weapon type for sale (at an unaffordable price).

Private sales are outlawed, permits for gun ownership are seldom issued, background checks have a 6-month waiting period, and even members of the Mexican Senate are unable to acquire a concealed-handgun permit.

Residents also cannot transport a firearm outside of their home, even if it is registered, unloaded, and in a locked container.

With so much “common sense” gun regulation, wouldn’t Mexico be seeing a decrease in violence?

Can’t the government be trusted to keep the Mexican citizenry safe?

Absolutely not.

Not only has the violence increased, the Mexican police has completely lost control to the drug cartels in the country.

The government is outgunned by the criminals, while the citizens are disarmed and waiting around to be massacred.

The gun grabbing left in America wants power over their citizens and wants us to be disarmed.

They look to the violence in Mexico and say “noooooo, that will never happen here!”.

We should trust the American government, because they are so effective and would never cede power to criminals in our country!

There is no logical explanation for wanting to imitate Mexico’s gun control, as the results are disastrous.

Unless carnage and chaos is the goal, Mexican-style gun control will not warrant any positive results in America.

Strict gun control and high homicide rates go together like peas in a pod.