Gun-Free Paris:  Four Dead, Including Three Police Officers, In Knifing Murder Spree

Paris, France — A man armed only with a knife entered Police Headquarters and stabbed and killed at least four people on Thursday afternoon.

A Police trainee eventually shot and killed the attacker.

The man was reportedly an administrative employee in the IT department in the same police headquarters.

The spree began around 1:00 pm, starting with another administrator as the first victim.

But as the man moved through the building, he killed at least three men and one woman and wounded several more.

Police didn’t initially identify the killer by name, but described him only as a 45-year-old man.

Later, French media reported his name to be Michael Harpon.  Harpon is reported to be a native of Martinique, an island country off the coast of Venuzuela.  Police gave no motive for the attack.

The authorities did disclose that the man had worked for over 20 years in intelligence as IT administration, and for the city of Paris since 2003.

U.S. law enforcement officials told one news outlet that the attack appeared to be workplace-related violence. The source also reported that suspect had converted to Islam about 18 months ago.

A Disarmed Society Is a Cowed Society

Of more interest to American gun owners, French media reported in more detail that the attacker used a ceramic knife to carry out his crime.

Paris, of course, is essentially one huge Gun Free Zone, so Harpon wasn’t likely to meet that kind of  resistance.

But Paris also has very strict knife laws — even requiring chefs to put their knives in a locked case when taking their knives out of a restaurant.

But Harpon realized that a ceramic knife could easily get past metal detectors. The illusion of safety that strict gun and knife control laws bring is just that: an illusion.

Paris has had several shocking incidents like this in recent years, and yet the liberal media never catches on.

When you create a ‘fish-in-a-barrel’ situation, eventually a lunatic is going to take advantage of it.

Complacency kills.  Always be prepared to defend yourself and your family!