Florida Senate: Broward Sheriff Scott Israel Permanently Removed

Florida — In a 25-15 vote, the Florida Senate voted on Wednesday to uphold the suspension of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

Gun owners will remember that Israel was in office during the shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

After the mishandling both of the shooting itself and the repeated warnings that his office received beforehand, Israel was suspended in January.

He had since petitioned to be reinstated.

But on Monday, the Florida Senate Rules Committee had recommended that Israel be permanently removed from his office, not reinstated.

When it was put to the full Senate, they agreed with the Rules Committee.

The Senate vote was largely split down party lines, with Republicans voting for his removal, and mostly Democrats voting to reinstate him.

Oddly, all five Broward County senators voted to reinstate him after Republican Gov. DeSantis had removed him from office in January.

This is even more odd in light of many Parkland parent’s demands that Israel be permanently suspended.

But He’s One of Us

The Democrats complained that Israel was being used as a scapegoat, and that emotions were driving the decision.

State Senator Perry Thurston told other Democratic lawmakers that “if I was [sic] a parent I would want vengeance too” but he claimed “95 percent of Broward County feels differently about the attempt to remove the sheriff.”

Another Broward County Democrat, Gary Farmer, said that this was just emotions driving the decision.

Farmer said, “Because of the horrendous and ghastly nature of that event, it’s easy to be moved by the emotion and the pleas of the parents who are still grieving and who forever will be grieving for the loss of their children,” Farmer said. “We are a country founded on rule of law. We cannot base our decision on emotion.”

This is so typical of leftists!

They are eager to blame an inanimate object in the hands of a mentally ill, bullied individual.

But they don’t want the parties that are paid to protect the students held responsible for ignoring warnings that a sick person was threatening to harm them.

And how hypocritical to say that decisions need to be based on reason, not emotion!

The entire anti-gun position is based on emotion instead of reason!

No, they change the rules as it suits them and whine when they don’t get their way.

They’re worse than the children they claim to care so much about.

At least the Parkland parents have some closure, now.