First Responder Killers: “We Are Real Thugs and We Got Guns”

Broward County, Florida – Three thugs randomly stopped a Coral Springs firefighter in a hotel parking lot as he made his way back home from a bar.

Firefighter Christopher Randazzo never made it home that night, as the armed thugs gunned him down in cold blood around 2:30am.

His body was found outside of the hotel around 6am, with police concluding he had been cutting through the parking lot to return home.

The thugs robbed him of his red Nike shoes, smartphone, pocketknife, car keys, and cash-filled wallet.

When the thugs demanded that the firefighter give up his smartphone password, he denied and was immediately cut down with bullets.

On the same day of the murder/robbery, the suspects were quoted proclaiming “we are real thugs and we got guns”.

The entire day for the killers involved violence and crime.

Before confronting the firefighter, they were involved in a robbery and shooting at a different motel.

Torrey Holston, 19 was eventually apprehended and arrested for the murder of firefighter Christopher Randazzo.

Jose Garcia, 20, and Marco Rico, 32, were also taken into custody and charged on related offenses.

First responders are being targeted in this nation.

It’s sick and reprehensive that crime ridden counties like Broward raise up citizens that hate their community and humanity as a whole.

These are uncertain times, and first responders have a responsibility to protect themselves along with the community.

If you are a first responder of any kind, please carry a firearm.

If the local and state government first responder entities do not allow the carry of a personal firearm, it would seem that we have an even larger problem on our hands.