Eliz. Warren: Disarm Citizens Through Gun Taxation

Washington, D.C. — If you think the tyrannical gun grabbing agenda of Beto O’Rourke is off putting, just take a look at Elizabeth Warren’s plan to disarm the citizenry through immense taxation of guns.

Beto won’t achieve the Democrat nomination because he tells it how it is.

He unveils the secret intentions of the left, which is to disarm America and grow the power of the centralized federal government.

Elizabeth Warren and her pals at Fake News CNN have a strategy that is much more sinister.

Tax the sale of firearms by 30 percent!

One of the early events of the American revolution was the British coming for the colonists’ ammunition.

On top of the 30% gun-tax, Warren has proposed a 50% tax on ammunition.

Such a tax will result in less law-abiding citizens purchasing firearms and more criminals engaging in the black-market gun trade.

Law abiding citizens, especially the poor ones, will be forced to turn to the black market to acquire affordable self-protection.

The left believes in systematic racism and continues to put this notion at the center of their policy proposals.

If the radical gun-grabbing left truly believed that systematic racism should be considered in all policy related decisions, they would consider the effects that Jim Crow laws have on today’s gun control.

Gun control negatively effects minority groups and those in socio-economic depression.

The black codes and Jim Crow laws helped develop the firearm permit and other Second Amendment infringements.

Now Elizabeth Warren wants to disarm the poorest people in America.

Hard working Americans that live pay check to pay check will simply be disarmed by a 30% gun tax and a 50% ammo tax.