COMMIES: Co-Workers and Employers Can Red Flag You in California for 5 Years!

Sacramento, California — Just when you thought the communists running the state of California couldn’t get any crazier with their gun control laws, they show the country just how radical they are.

Governor Gavin Newsom signed numerous gun control bills into law on Friday.

Among them is a major expansion of California’s Gun Seizure Orders.

With the signing of AB 61 and AB 12, Gov. Newsom expanded the state’s Red Flag law to include teachers, employers, and co-workers who can secretly petition a court to have your guns ripped from you.

Can you name one employee that hasn’t had a spat with a co-worker before?

Are employers going to turn every fired worker in for potentially being dangerous?

Will teachers turn in “rowdy” students and have their parent’s guns confiscated?

To make matters worse, California’s Gun Seizure Orders can now be extended for up to five years!

That means that for half of a decade, a gun owner could lose the ability to defend themselves without ever being convicted or even charged with a crime!

This unconstitutional expansion of the California Red Flag law is precisely why groups like the American Firearms Coalition have been warning Republicans not to cave on the issue. It is only a matter of time before gun grabbers expand them.

Congressional Republican and President Trump should learn from Governor Newsom’s tyranny and recognize that any Red Flag law that passes, despite their intentions, will ultimately be on a path toward California-style confiscation.

The door to Red Flag laws must be opposed by all gun owners, in all states, and no version of them can be acceptable.

If you have not done so already, be sure to sign our petition to President Trump to veto Red Flag laws should they hit his desk.