Car Dealership: Buy A New Car, Get a Bible, a Flag, and an AR-15

Honea Path, SC — A car dealership in South Carolina is hoping to increase store traffic by offering a promotion they’re calling, “Near and dear to our hearts:  God, Guns, and America.

The promotion offers customers an American flag, a Bible, and a Smith and Wesson AR-15 with the purchase of a vehicle.

Carolina Ford of Honea Path has seen increased sales, according to general manager Derrick Hughes.

Hughes posted about the promotion on the dealership’s Facebook earlier this week.

Since the promotion began, the dealership’s sales are up.

Hughes reported that one customer had driven more than two hours to take advantage of the promotion.

He reported that staff came up with the promotion when trying to drive business to their dealership in the small town of Honea Path.

Why an AR15?

Hughes said that since most people in the area that hunt already have a shotgun or pistol, so offering them an AR-15 gives them a new hunting weapon.

Used locally in hunting wild dogs and coyotes, the AR-16 is popular because it’s lightweight and easy to shoot.

Hughes said that the promotion would run through November.

When customers go to purchase a vehicle, they are given a Bible, a flag, and a voucher for the gun.

They still must go through the same background check as any other gun purchase at the gun store.

“We are not forcing anyone to take the gun. They can use the voucher for sporting equipment, fishing or archery equipment,” Hughes said. “They can also choose a different gun.”

When asked if he’d gotten any negative feedback, Hughes said that a couple people had commented that they didn’t want the Bible.

“We are not taking a political stance in any way, shape or form,” Hughes said. “We are all country folk, God-fearing people. We are very patriotic people, believe in our country and salute our military.”

Well, that seals the deal.

We’re heading to South Carolina!

Who wants to tag along?