BETO: Lets Listen to Children Who Promote Gun Control

In a new advertisement funded by gun-grabbing Gabby Gifford’s gun control group, Beto O’Rourke tells the public that we should take advice from young people who can’t vote.

“Any meaningful change that we’ve ever seen in this country’s history, has been perpetuated by young people.”, said Beto.

Not true!

Change is perpetuated in this country by voters and seasoned Americans.

Children can and should organize, but we shouldn’t be appointing children as our policy advisors.

Beto commends the March for Our Lives gun control movement, saying, “Following the lead of those students who are marching for their lives, and all of our lives, that’s what gives me hope.”

The people that should give us hope are the Sheriffs across the nation that have vowed not to confiscate weapons for Beto.

The gun grabbing left that bolsters March for Our Lives tends to forget that attendees in their rallies are composed of adults and well-seasoned anti-gun radicals.

Also, according to Breitbart News, Dana Fisher of University of Maryland found that only around 10% of the most recent March for Our Lives anti-gun rally in Washington were under 18 years old.

The average attendee of the rally was just under 49 years old.

Beto must be confused.

He thinks children are leading the way on gun control, and the public should listen.

The truth is, adults are manipulating and taking advantage of children to spread their anti-gun agenda.