Beto Gets Trumped by CNN, Flounders Talking Points On Gun Control

Washington, DC — After the Democratic debate in Ohio on Tuesday, Beto O’Rourke has been making the media rounds trying to explain his comments regarding gun confiscation.

Unsurprisingly, people wanted to know more detail about how Beto plans to  take AR-15s and AK-47s from American citizens who do not participate in his mandatory buyback.

On Wednesday, Oct 16th, he was interviewed by CNN’s Alyson Camerota and she tried to pin him down on what, exactly, his plan entailed.

Beto replied that he expected his fellow Americans to follow the law.   Camerota said, “You expect mass shooters to follow the law?

After an awkward pause, Beto replied, “Our fellow Americans will follow the law, yes,” he replied.

Camerota was not impressed:  “Congressman, mass shooters, by definition, don’t follow the law.  The mass shooters in Parkland, in El Paso – I could go on for 10 minutes – they don’t follow the law, by definition.

Uncomfortable with her point, Beto tried to say that universal background checks and mandatory buybacks would remove most of these ‘weapons of war’ blah blah blah, leaving mass shooters with fewer opportunities to get ahold of guns.

He said, “There are so many instances where the proposals we’ve made, whether it’s a universal background check or a red flag law or ending the sales of weapons of war or buying those that are out there back, would have stopped many of the shootings that we see in a country that loses 40,000 people a year to gun violence,” Beto said. “Would it stop every single shooting? No. But that should be no excuse for not taking action now while we have the opportunity to do the right thing. And we also shouldn’t be limited by the politics or the conventional political wisdom or the polling or the consultant class or the NRA on finally taking decisive action.”

But again, no matter how many laws politicians pass, criminals are going to continue to break them.  There will always be a criminal element of our society.

Camerota rebuffed his long-winded deflection:  “No, understood. And I think what Mayor Buttigieg was saying – yeah, think high, shoot for something aspirational – but it doesn’t make sense that people are going to hand over their assault weapons,” she explained. “If they’re mass shooters, if they want to do harm to people, they’re not going to follow the law. So then what’s your plan?

At this point, Beto is running out of talking points.  He can only repeat ‘weapons of war’ and “My fellow Americans will follow the law” so many times before he looks like a broken toy on the Dollar General shelf.

Beto replied to Camerota, “I don’t know that you make any law or stop making any law because you fear some people will not follow the law in any part of American life,” he said. “So, yes, if someone has an assault weapon, a weapon of war, and poses a danger to people in their lives or people in their community or people in our lives then we’re going to stop them.”

Camerota pressed harder: “Meaning what? You’re going to go to their house? Just tell us how it works. If someone doesn’t voluntarily hand over their assault weapon you’re going to go to their house and then what?”

If we pass this law, then I expect our fellow Americans to follow the law,” he replied. “And this is not speculation. We’ve see other countries do this.”

No Plan But Brute Force

So at the end of the day, Beto thinks that criminals will just start following the law.  That’s it.  His fellow Americans (including mass shooters) will be good law-abiding citizens if he passes a law telling them to be good citizens.

Out. To. Lunch!  This guy needs to fire his campaign manager!   If you plan to essentially destroy the Second Amendment after more than 240 years, you might want to find a few better talking points that you’ve been given so far!

The more he talks, the more the whole world can see that the radical left that has taken over the Democratic party is unhinged.