20-year-old Woman Beaten with a Gun, Left Bound by Three Home Invaders

Farmingdale, NY — Police have arrested one Jose Figueroa-Morales, 27 of the Bronx in connection with a home invasion that occurred on September 15th.

Figueroa-Morales is charged with breaking into a home along with two friends, and then assaulting and robbing the occupants inside.

Police reports indicated that a 20-year-old woman and a female friend were relaxing at the woman’s home on Main St around 6:45 pm on September 15th.

Three men knocked on the door, and the homeowner went to see who was there.

When she opened it a crack, she saw three masked men with guns in their hands.

She tried to slam the door, but one of the men struck the woman on the face with his handgun.

She fell to the floor and the men forced their way inside.

Police said that the blow drove the woman to the floor with what they described as a “severe cut.”

The three men took anything of value, and then bound the two women before leaving.

Police reported that both women were treated at a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

After several weeks investigation, police arrested Figueroa-Morales in connection with the break in.

The authorities are still searching for the other two suspects.

Defenseless is No Way to Live or to Die

If you have family that lives alone—male or female—encourage them to buy a gun.

Help them get a concealed carry permit and teach them be ready to defend themselves from violent thugs at any time.

This young woman didn’t provoke or invite such an attack, but she could have trained to be ready for it.