OH BROTHER: Ted Cruz Explains the Difference Between A Machine Gun And “Semi-Auto” to Alyssa Milano

Washington, DC — After Alyssa Milano’s public challenge to Ted Cruz on Twitter a few weeks ago, the two agreed to meet and live-stream their conversation about gun control.

Also in attendance was Fred Guttenberg, the father of a student killed in the shooting in Parkland, Florida in the spring of 2018.  Another man from Massachusetts — a gun control activist of some sort — was there as well.

This wasn’t much a “debate” at all, it was more like a left-wing, triggered therapy session.

While Senator Cruz patiently listened to Milano and Guttenberg list off a litany of left-wing talking points, he never got flustered or fell for the anti-gun bait, frequently responding with his point of view backed up with facts.

Here’s the video:

Later in the “debate”, Senator Cruz had to take time to explain to Milano that machine guns are not currently legal, and the difference between a full auto and semi-auto firearm.

“But Alyssa, as you know….machine guns are functionally illegal right now.”

He went on to respectfully tell her that she and many others watching were using terminology that they didn’t understand.

Cruz explained that a machine gun is one that is fully automatic.

He elaborated further, explaining that fully automatic guns shot several bullets with a single trigger pull.   Those are different than semi-automatic guns, where a single bullet comes out with a single trigger pull.

Cruz pointed out that machine guns haven’t been on legal for American citizens to own for nearly 80 years.

Throughout the video, Milano and Guttenberg were loaded up with anti-gun talking points, but had interacted very little with actual gun owners.

While this “debate” may provide decent social media fodder for both Milano and Cruz, it was obvious to most watching that there is a war on the Second Amendment, if it isn’t defended wackos like Milano will get her way.