WATCH: Georgia Homeowner Shoots, Kills THREE Masked Men In Rockdale County

Rockdale, County — Three masked men are dead after a homeowner fired on them in the early morning hours of Monday.

This is what Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levitt had to say at an early morning press conference:

“Upon our arrival, the deceased was at the edge of a driveway and partially in the roadway . . . The other young man was a little bit down the street, where it appears he was running.

“They did discover masks on the young men . . .  That rose our suspicions, so now we are out in the community speaking with witnesses, speaking of course with the homeowner involved, and of course we are trying to identify the young men and notify their families.”

The shooting is still under investigation, as the Sheriff’s office has not yet confirmed whether the shooting was the result of a home invasion or another cause.