WATCH: Georgia City Council Proposes Their Own Gun Control

Savannah, GA – A unanimous vote on an anti-gun resolution recently emerged out of the southern Georgia City of Savannah.

The resolution is aimed at Congress and state legislators, urging them to act on gun control.

Fox 28 Media reports the leftist city leaders calling their demands “common-sense gun control legislation”.

However, if they truly had common sense, they would be aware of how ineffective gun-bans are.

Just look to the failed Bill Clinton 1994 “Assault Weapons” ban.

Gun bans will fail, gun registrations will fail, and the elimination of private sales will also warrant zero positive results.

Gun control is also a practice that forever intensifies and never stops.

“Once it started it won’t stop with the AR 15s, it won’t stop with the red flags, it will go on and on. Furthermore, these are called commonsense laws that y’all want to suggest, who’s commonsense is it?” said one community member, Deb Broderick.

Many within the Savannah community are still against gun control, despite the leftist gun-grabbing leadership behind the anti-gun resolution.

“As for the shootings we’re seeing on the streets at night here, these guns aren’t acquired legally, they’re not going to get background checks. These are illegally acquired guns and they will continue to be that way even if this resolution is passed,” said Alderman Tony Thomas.

The resolution in Savannah is purely symbolic, but it hints at the City leaders’ desire to come after preemption laws.
They want to overturn a law preventing them from enacting their own city-wide gun regulations.

If the left gets their way in the City of Savannah, the entire place will become a gun-free zone.

Criminals will still have their guns as they prey on innocent disarmed civilians.